Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Week! Kyle 11/19/12

Good morning family,
Man everyone seemed to have a ton of awesome stories this past week!
Not gonna lie i think marens was by far the coolest! Recieving a mission call directly from the prophet on the phone! and then being told that your mission call is going to be in china! where no one else has ever been, and THEN your mission will be three years! Thats so crazy!!! I was freaking out, i am going to be telling all the missionaries that i can!
The week for us was pretty good, we got a new ward mission leader that i am really really excited about! he is so awesome! kinda funny because his brother was elder koyles ward mission leader back in applevalley. Small world i guess. We went out with Brother fast this past friday and tried to see some of our potential 15 names people, the less actives that we try and get lessons set up with. It went well, we talked to a few of them, and found out who was really interested and who wasnt. always doing alot of "Siffting" as missionaries, i think ames cam testify of that.
thanks again everyone for there love and support!
Dad...seriously?? Dont be trunky! focus on the lords work in St.George!
I love you all so much and am looking forward to hearing from you guys on christmas!!
Take care!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
Thanksgiving is going to be super fun i think. Last year i had 3 dinner appointments, this year we are only going to one, no matter what. We are eating with the P.... family, who is super awesome! they are into alot of outdoors things like our family. So its pretty cool. in fact, bro p.... is gonna take us to a rock climbing wall in victorville for our last p-day of this transfer. Should be kinda fun! havent been in a harness for like 2 years though ha
Christmas, i dont really know of anything that i'd like to get, i told mom to just get me some new ties, just a couple though because i have a ton of them now. But new ones are always fun. Mom and dad, what would you guys like for christmas? Ames anything you'd like?...maren, i told you already i think, but your presents are tied in with your wedding gifts i hope thats alright. Elder koyle and i are gonna try and get some christmas cards made up before the end of this transfer. So i may do that this year.
I am so happy to hear that our family is doing such great member missionary work in st george, UT and Durham, NC That word durham sounds pretty familiar, where have i heard that before? ha jk

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