Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kyle - 11/25/12

Hey everyone,
okay i gotta answer the questions first
My thanksgiving was really fun, our zone leaders came to our dinner as well.
We did some "Slacklining" that was hooked up to their tree. It was super difficult!
Its where you try and balance on a small "tiedown" type rope, and walk from one tree to the other. The one we did was about 2 feet off the ground. But pro's do it across buildings
and do flips and stuff! super nuts! but way fun. lots of food and i felt like i gained a ton of weight but i didnt.
Dad, i didnt really know what to say about you guys racing with . . .  from my work.
I thought it was pretty cool that its such a small world, that our family keeps meeting people that other members of the family know. Ya know?
I have decided that i am going to be more patient when i get back to work. i have learned alot about patience and christlike love on my mission. So i hope to be better at that when i get home.
mom, the package was awesome! just what i needed to make my day a little better!
The bread did well in the mail. Tasted like it was just made a couple days earlier, the honeybutter was way good to! so thanks for that.
Also, i found out that lapel pins are approved for our suitcoats, so you can send one if thats something you had in mind.
Sounds like the wedding prep is super nuts and alot of work! Part of me wishes that i could be home to help out with some stuff. But i am not complaining that i got out of the work....ha just kidding.
Did the family do any black friday shopping? Ha sounds like ames and i did.
One thing i bought was a new memory card for my camera, a 16gig card was only 8 bucks! super steal of a deal! i love saving money!
I hope everyone is having fun and is staying safe!
Thanks for the love and support that you all give me!
Hope everyone finds the joy in the holiday season!
Not gonna lie, kinda glad its my last christmas away from home.
It just isnt the same not being with the family for all of our fun traditions.
But serving the lord is such an awesome opportunity that the twins have!
Love you all, talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
p.s..i totally was thinking about the
dickens fest. the other day. and the jubblee of trees. ha good times
Good luck mom with your violin kids at the festival! Pretend that we are there supporting you in the crowd!

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