Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are you for serious? Kyle 12/3/12

Dear Family,
So my transfer news is pretty simple, keep the same address you have, because i broke my mission record in an area! i will be spending another transfer in the maple ward! this makes number 6! almost 9 months at the end of this next transfer. My companion elder koyle is getting transfered though, we have had alot of good times being together, but i am excited to see who i am gonna be with next, kinda nervous though!
How is everyone doing? Sounds like we are all getting excited for the Christmas season!
Something i noticed out here, is that everyone says happy holidays, or they are selling holiday trees, its not christmas trees anymore, its sad to see that the world is getting farther and farther from our savior jesus christ! so lame!!
Random fact: In our mission, the missionaries that came out in 2011, might be going home a week or two early to there normal departing date. So there is a chance that i may be getting home before mothers day! i will give more detail on that in a few months when the time gets closer. they are doing this because the time in the mtc has been shortened by one week. So they wanna catch up on weeks in the field, it really doesnt make sense to me, but i figured i'd share that anyways.
This past week was one of the happiest and favorites of my entire mission, we were able to teach two lessons and get one new investigator. But thats not the best part.
We got an interesting call from some other elders, a guy in our area that isnt a member, called all the bishops randomly in the phonebook, until one answered. He said that he was getting ready to end his life, and he made one last phone call to a bishop before he chose that second option. We drove down to his hotel as soon as possible, elder koyle and i were really really nervous about what to say or do, to help this guy out. I was really nervous about this guy killing himself in front of us.
We both kept prayers in our hearts,m and decided to just listen to what he had to say.
We ended up teaching the last part of the plan of salvation, focusing on the kingdoms of heaven. He cried alot, and thanked us alot for just coming to talk to him on a spiritual level. He told us that he was sure glad that he gave the one last chance to make a call to a bishop that answered, because he told us that we had given him alot of strength. This experience was the most love i have ever had for someone on my mission, right now a bishop is giving him some help, and he is gonna be in contact with the employment specialist in the stake. I am so so happy to be able to do missionary work here in our mission its so awesome!!
Thanks mom for the idea for your christmas present, i still wanna send something to you guys though. i will figure something out.
I am excited to be able to go to the dickens festival when i get home. Sounds like you guys had alot of fun going there, even though your little kiddies had some problems with sound and what not.
Thanks everyone for their love and support! its so great! i love you all so much!
Keep being safe and have fun! i keep you in my prayers all the time!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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