Monday, March 11, 2013

Ames - 2/19/13

Well we had our transfers this week, and we lost Elder Phillips here in the Clifton ward. It was a sad day. Elder Phillips and i got along really great, we got into aruguments just about every other day but it really helped take the tension out of our companionship so we could work better together the rest of the day. It was fun. Im super pumped that i didnt get transfered, i wasnt expecting to get moved but you never know in this buisness. By not being transfered i pretty much solidifyed my staying in the area until i finish up and head home. Im really excited to stay here. lots of great people and there is so much history here. A member took us out to breakfast this morning to say goodbye to Elder Phillips and he told us of an area that the Chinese people used to live at (Back when there was major segregation in the United States) apparently you can go hujnting for old bits of pottery and chinese coins. We are going to get some more information about it and see what we can dig up :)

My new companion is Elder J. He has been out for 14 months. Thats about all I can tell you about him at this point haha, We have only been companions for about two hours. if that. He seems like he is a really good missionary. He is from the rural parts of Idaho so he will fit in really good here in the rural of AZ. Should be fun :)
Here are a couple pictures from the last little bit, The owl lives in an old run down abandoned cotton gin, super fun to explore, its in Duncan. And the other one is of a sign in Duncan :) I dont feel like it needs too much of an explanation.
Im really excited to start up the new transfer, we are going to tear up these little towns!
Thanks all for the love and support,
Elder Ettinger

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