Monday, March 11, 2013

Kyle - 2/25/13

Dear Family,

man everyone is freaking out not knowing where i went! i hope to get transfered again just to make you all wait and learn patience! ha just kidding

So i was transfered to the rancho cucamonga zone! which is obviously down in the valley I am serving in the hillside ward! it is a really skinny but super long ward. it is about 1 mile wide and almost 4 miles long. We also have a car in this area. But like usual, i always get put in car areas, where the car has problems. The whole rear end was crushed last month, and we will probably be on bike for a week or so next week when the car is taken to the shop. its whatever though.
 My first thoughts for why i was transfered here is because i need to work on being humble. i noticed that i am coveting everyones cars in this ward! Our bishop has a mustang GT 500, our ward mission leader also has one. And a few other members i met have some really sweet classic cars. i am obviously in the most rich area of our mission now! its actually really awesome! First couple hours being in my area we passed a lamborghini in a parking lot.
Something i like about our car is that we have a bluetooth radio in it. so whenever we get phone calls we can answer it through the car. super fun! im pretty sure moms car at home can do that to.
Dad Good luck tomorrow with your defending disertation! i will for sure pray extra hard for you!
Funny small world moment. The first person i met in the ward, doing service for an older lady. use to live in st george, his brother lives in Bloomington hills as well. i dont remember his name though. Also, the older lady that we helped out, use to live in clifton where ames is serving. What the heck? ha pretty funny
My new companions name is Elder M, he is from springville UT. He will be out 12 months in two weeks or so. His trainer was elder q, my companion a few months ago. the Connections in the mission are so funny sometimes.

Random note that mom will enjoy, we live about 5 minutes away from the ONLY trader Joes in the mission. mom do you have any requests??

So the mission news, like mom said, the san bernardino mission will no longer exist as of july 1st. We are losing the Rialto, Fontana, and San Bernardino zones to the new redlands mission, but we are also getting the Chino stake that is gonna be the most south west part of our mission. We were also told that the missionaries serving in the 3 zones that we are losing, when the july 1st transfer hits, will automatically change missions! super sad! i am kinda glad i wont be here when that happens, because splitting up from my friends would be pretty lame!

dad i am super happy to hear that you talked about the church with the guy on the plane! i am so excited to be able to do more member missionary work once i get home! it will be pretty awesome!

Well i think that is about it! thanks for everyones support and love! it
means so much to me! i am doing well in my new ward! and loving the area quite a bit!
Have an awesome week and we will talk to ya next week!
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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