Monday, March 11, 2013

Kyle - 3/4/13

Hey family,

This past week was alright, we tried to do alot of visits with less active families, but not a whole lot of people were home.
This past week i met two different sets of twins. Both were older guys in the ward, it was fun to talk about twin stuff
with him. our young mens leader in the ward was a twin, and his brother was in active in the church. it made me really
confused, i couldn't ever imagine my twin brother being way strong in the church and me not ya know? we are the same
person on in inside, well DNA at least. Why wouldn't both be active in the church? kinda funny to think about.
Both of those twin brothers are way in to collecting cars. one of there sons name is kyle, and he plays the drums, 
thought that was funny because the drummer in my last ward, his name was kyle as well.
There are also a total of 4 youth named kyle in this ward. the irony is just funny to me.
Elder m and i are getting along well, we are trying to really build the ward trust, basically what i've done my
whole mission. But i am okay with it.
Dad good job on the ol' defensive end of your work. Did you hold back the line well? i feel like you would be playing
football, not presenting a report to someone ha. But i  really am proud of you! you are so awesome dad!
i actually have been givin some thought towards agriculture/landscaping. 
its crazy to think that it is already march, and that i will be 21 in two weeks! My missionary friend elder kyle c
(lots of kyles in this email) his birthday is next sunday. So it'll be fun to celebrate with him.
I really cant think of any birthday requests. i think if you just send a few things that is fine. but maybe it would
be better to save the gifts and ames and i can get them once we get home. we are trying de-clutter before going home
in a few months.
thanks for the love and the prayers! it means alot to me! i am so stoked to see you guys again! 
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

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