Monday, March 11, 2013

Ames - 2/25/13

So, it snowed here in Clifton this week as well, actualy it snowed twice. Being here in arizona has made me super wimpy when it comes to the cold. The days it snowed were so not fun. IT was really cold and really windy which made it seem all the colder. Not fun. We had to go to Tucson this week and the whole way up there was at least two to three inches of snow on the sides of the road. That is very not normal for here. Iv done that drive tons of times on the mission and im used to seeing it just brown with some shrubery here and there. Not all of this gross white stuff ;) The only good thing snow can be used for is Snowboarding. Thats it. No acceptions to the rule.
This week was a pretty good one for us. Taking over areas is never fun for me. You have to piggyback the whole area until your new companion knows enough to give some valid input. So thats been a little tough but iv done it four other times so the fifth shouldnt be so bad. We were able to teach our investigators a lesson this week. They dropped their Baptism date though :( Honestly they werent really ready for it anyway so we are just going to keep working with them and see if they will be prepared in a month or so. They arnt making the Gospel a priority and not keeping commitments so they arent going to recieve an answer until they do. So we will see. In better news though, we had two different families this week talk to their home teachers or visiting teachers and request that the missionaries come by to help them. One is a less active and the other family has two unbaptized children that we will be teaching :) Its really awesome when the lord blesses the area with things like this that just come out of the wood works. So this next week is going to be super awesome! Sad news though, There were a couple companionships in our mission that alone had higher key indicators (Numbers) than our entire zone!!! ha, no one really knows what happend, i think its because every companionship in our zone got a transfer call last week so everyone is taking over areas. Im sure we will go back up.
Glad to hear that all is well back home!
Good luck to dad on his Dissertation defence!
Much love,
Elder Ettinger
ps.  ♪♫ Where in the Mission is Elder Kyle Ettinger ♪ ♫ (To the Tune of that Carmen San Diego game :) Maren should at least get the reference)

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