Monday, March 11, 2013

Ames - 3/5/13

Hey mom and dad, so im just going to email everyone separate today, change things up a bit ya know?
Glad to hear that dads Dissertation went well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can hear the phone calls already, "Is Doctor Lockeee Home?" hahaha
my Weeks been good. we got to start teaching some unbaptized children this last week and had a second lesson with them yesterday. they are super fun kids and the family is cool too. Both the parents served missions so we talk mission stuff all the time.
Whenever people find out how long iv been on my mission they get all excited that i only have a few months left. Its sad! ha. I wish that I would have just lied from the first day i got into the ward and just said like 10 months or something. People in AZ especialy like to say  "oh, your on the down hill slope" I think i have heard that a thousand times. haha.
.... there is a lady that is arguing with the librarian about some dumb time limit on the computers and i cant concentrait or even think haha....
ok she finaly left.
Other than that there isnt a whole lot that i would need out here. plus i dont want to just have to turn around and have to bring it back home in a few months. Whatever you think is best though.
So my mission secratary called and told me George was wanting to come visit. I was sad that we wernt able to meet up.

Hope all is going well for you.
Im excited to see you soon!!!!!!!
elder Ettinger

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