Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ames 9/6/11

I have been in Arizona for exactly three months today! wow it seemed to just fly right on by. I am emailing on a tuesday this week, because it was labor day yesterday as we all know, and the library was closed. Maren asked why I was emailing last tuesday as well, and that is because on transfer weeks our pday is changed to Tuesdays so that we transfer on a pday and dont waste a work day driving alot. So instead we waste a p day =/. Transfer Pdays are the worst pdays on the mission, just ask anyone =P. This last week was a pretty hard week. Since we baptized the campbells, we now have no investigators. So we are spending all of our time trying to get some new ones, with so far no avail. We have also been meeting with some members so that elder nordyke can get to know the wards. The Miracle lessons are starting to burn down sadly =(. we are trying to figure out better ways to get some new investigators, Because knocking doors here doesn't work so good for two reasons: one, i know almost every door in my area. Two, Elder Sims knocked all the other ones before i got here, so everyone has pretty much seen missionaries in the last 6 months. So we are trying to come up with some new ideas that havent been done here in the area.
     Elder Nordyke is alot different than elder sims. It isnt bad, its just hard to make the change. We are starting to get to know one another and it is helped me to be a little bit more patient =)
One pretty exciting bit of news! I got a blanket! I decided affter a particularly cold night that it was about time that got one. Its pretty legit, Maren would be proud: Toy Story! I included a picture as an attachment.
Sounds like the family is all doing good. Yes dad im sad that i missed the fireworks, anything that burns or blows up is my type of fun. Haha, yesterday i actualy tried to cut through a glass bottle using some string and cooking oil. I remembered seeing it on a youtube video probably like three years ago haha, but it didnt end up working. I still have to experiment when i get the chance =D
     I got moms package in the mail, Love the Shawn white Gum, and also marens letter with all the photos, thanks for those too. Im starting a Photo Album with all the pictures i get sent to me from home and other friends, it should be pretty fun by the end of the mission.
Kyle Brandt left on his mission didnt he? 
Thanks for all the Prayers on my behalf as well as kyles and all the other missionaries in the world.
Love you all lots!
Elder Ettinger

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