Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where in the world is Elder Ettinger? Ames transfer week 8/30/11

    Where in the mission is elder ettinger your asking? Surprise!!! he is still in the Gila Valley! haha. yea im going one more in the Gila, But this time it wont be with elder sims :( he got transferred to Tucson back to a spanish branch. He was way excited to go back to spanish but said he would miss the Gila quite a bit, and i can see why, yesterday was filed with goodbyes. like literally all day we were going back and froth between wards saying good byes, we put 35 miles on our car and we only cover two wards! pretty crazy. My new comp is Elder Nordyk, He is from Illinois and has been on his mission for 19 months. I attached a photo of us. Im still a little nervous about the change because I am the one that has to call all of the shots for the first few weeks, because i know whats going on and he doesnt. So we will see what happens there.
     The campbells were baptized this last saturday! way exciting! And brother campbell came to not only the baptism, but he came to church on sunday to see the confirmation. So that was pretty exciting.  We estimated about 75 people attended the baptism, it just go's to show how awesome the ward is here, and how many people have been waiting for this to happen. There were even a few non-members present that we may be able to start teaching soon, hopfully we can get some member support in there quick  :D. There is also a picture at the baptism. Its kinda blurry. (Some elders are photographicly challenged) It has been a great week for the work, with the baptisms and all, im hoping and praying that this next transfer will hold some great things in store and that we can get more members fired up in the work :D. Some other things i would like to mention:  I found out that pretty much everybody says Ensign the same way that dad says it here, like everyone. Apparently it is an Arizona thing to do? any comments dad? 
     Not a whole lot more going on than that.
Thanks for all the Letters and Prayers.
Love you all.
Elder Ettinger

Elder Ames Ettinger and Elder Nordyk

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