Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kyle 9/26/11

Hello everyone,

This past week has been pretty good, not a whole lot going on in the village ward. But we're progressing at a slow rate.

Last Wednesday we had a lesson with our younger gator. We taught him about the importance of having a prophet in these days, and also about baptism and confirmation. He seemed to understand everything that we taught. But he is still unable to attend church. So we aren't able to set a Bap. date with him yet. His dad said he's gonna see if they can work something out, to get him to attend our ward. So we're praying hard for that  one this week.

Mom, sorry i forgot to tell you last week in the email. But, yes we get the ensigns in our mission. The Oct issue was super helpful! and i'm excited to incorporate some things i learned into my lessons that i teach. Thanks for asking!

I have a question for you mom, a lady in our ward use to be friends with a professor Nelson that taught at BYU a long time ago. I was wondering if you know if Grandpa Glassett may have known him. Just out of curiosity.

I forgot that the seminary building had the pictures of the missionaries that are out serving. Thats cool that kyle owens cared enough to go out and get some pictures from you mom.

Dad, thanks for sharing those stories and experiences. We're taught as missionaries to never get discouraged if a person doesn't become interested with the gospel as soon as its out of our mouths. We're always planting seeds, and you never know when one may "Sprout" ha

i'll be printing off pictures today when we go shopping, so keep an eye out for those.

I love you you all!
Have a great week!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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