Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ames 9/12/11

     First of all, that subject line means nothing, it just sounded cool. Secondly, this week has gotten alot better =) Elder Nordyke and i are getting along well, and we have two new investegators, and a part member family that we should start working with. Exciting stuff. We were only able to teach two lessons though last week, but with these new 'Gators' as kyle says, should get us some more lesson oportunities. Two weeks ago, we had alot of chastizement from the zone leaders to the zone on not going out and finding enough and getting new people to teach. The Zone has definately changed their attitude and the lord has blessed us with at least 15 new investegators this week as a zone! And we are in the Gila Valley which is over run with mormons =) So its getting pretty exciting.

     So another pretty sweet story from this week. My ward mission leader in 4th ward has a little brother that just got his mission call this week, where is he going? California San Bernardio Mission English speaking! haha i told him that was where my twin bro was at and he was like "Shut up Dude... Your Bro?" haha he then proceeded to tell pretty much everyone "Guess whos brother is in Travis' Mission?... ETTINGERS!!!!" haha it was pretty tight that he was so excited about it. We figure by the time that he gets to the field, that kyle could very well be his trainer. =) you could say that it was revelation. So kyle, look out for a Farmer Boy, Travis Palmer from the Gila Valley. And When you see him be sure to take a picture with him and send it to me :D
     All else is going well.
     Stay Cool.
Love Elder Ettinger

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