Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Short one - Ames

So this email is going to be pretty short, not a whole lot going on this week, and not a whole lot of time to email.
First of all, im emailing super late today because we went hiking today! it was so sweet. and the weather up there was like 60's! way nice!
I also got to go up on the mountain on saturday to help a ward member out with an eagle project. pretty fun stuff.
This week has been another slow week for the missionary work. Not a single lesson taught. but we did set up some sweet stuff for next week. We are going to be teaching a kid that is the high school quarterback, and he has been going to seminary for the last few months, so the seminary teachers, who are both in our ward, said that he could be taught during his seminary class, well he wasnt about to miss seminary, so he said he would ditch another class so he could meet with us. haha this kid already sounds legit! so we have three appointments with him this week. the firset one is tomorrow, hoping to set a bap date with him! gonna be sick!
So thats about it for this week. sorry this one is so short!
Love you all so much!
Elder Ettinger

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