Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kyle 9/12/11

hello everyone,

I apologize for not sending any letters the past week since i was unable to email. Usually if we have a holiday on a p-day, we get to email the next tuesday, but our mission pres. didn't give us permission this past labor day, so thats why i didn't get on.

The past two weeks have been the average weeks in the mission, slow finding, some lessons taught. However some sad and good news. sad first.

All 5 of our investigators are no longer being taught, incuding our solid couple. . . and so he called and said he will continue to read the book of mormon, but no more visits. Lame!

Good news, WE have 2 New gators that we're teaching, one is a boy named scott who is 11 yrs old. He was taught by missionaries in the ward he moved from. And he's pretty dang solid right now. We just have to get him to come to church. He lives with his mom on weekends, who is not a member, so its gonna be tough. But we'll work something out. The second is a lady named Shilawn, she knows her bible back to front its crazy! We are gonna teach her the plan of salvation this week.

E.Riley only has 10 weeks left in his mission, ha i count down for him. He's not excited to go home. oh well! ames and i will be 4 months next sunday! crazy stuff! the time just keeps flying on by! and the mission in so fun!

sounds like everyone is doing well and is having a blast!! Mom, and dad you guys be safe in japan! i expect lots of pictures! thats so cool that you guys get to go there! We do email and laundry at sis winelands house, she is a retired Flight attendant, she's been all over the world many times! she's told me some fun stories.

Thanks for the love and prayers!
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

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