Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 month Mark - Kyle

Hello folks,

Well its 4 months today, time just flies by from my perspective.

the past week has been pretty empty as far as the missionary work goes. We tract almost every morning for about an hour or two. And usually only get one return appointment out of, 30 houses that we knock on! We also forgot about our investigators this week, and failed to show up to the appointments we made. So right now we're really just not doing good ha. It makes me laugh because we were just so excited to do more service this week for members, that we just forgot everything else.

yesterday was a pretty exciting day though, it was apple Valleys stake conference, and we got to hear from the temple president and his wife, and our mission president and his wife. Great talks. But, to finish it all off, we got the privilage to hear from Elder Packer of the seventy! He is one of the most funny guys in the world! He was crackin jokes left and right, but also had a really spiritual message for us.

I Think about it now, and don't remember if i told you that we got to go to the redlands temple two weeks ago. We did an endowment session, and it was really fun! i got pictures of the temple at night. So You'll be seeing it next time i send pictures. 

Dad, thats really neat that you were able to be a missionary again and talk . . . about the gospel and missions. Isn't missionary work just so much fun!? i love being on a mission, its just super awesome! We really are "Tools" in the lords hands. 

Speaking of, did i tell you guys that here in apple valley there are VW bugs, baja's, like all over the place? almost every 5 houses has at least one VW bug. i always walk up to the cars and check out the engines, and interior. 

Oh, we visited one of our usual less actives.  He rides dirt bikes quite a bit. But, he says he doesn't really know how to work on them much. So in a week or so i'm gonna help him rebuild his carburetor. It should be a good time.

thanks for all that you do for me! 
the mission goes on! One day after another.

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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