Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ames - 11/14/11

I cant belive that this transfer is already over! holy cow this one went by fast! probibly the fastest so far on the mission.
This last week was a pretty cool week. On Thursday we had a half mission confrence, and Elder Halick from the Seventy came to speak to us.
It was a really good confrence, and i learned alot. We then all had lunch together, and Elder Halick sat at our table! so i got to eat lunch with a General Authority! yea its pretty legit! He then went over to the other side of the mission, for the other half, but he was back on sunday for our stake Confrence. So we got to hear from him a couple of times. He was super nice, and it was really cool that he didnt act like he was something special, he is just a normal guy!
Its flippin crazy that kyle and i hit  6 months this week! It went super fast for me, how about everyone else back home? Time just flies. 1/4th of the mission is gone =(
Japan sounds awesome. Im still super jealous about the whole thing, and the fact that you are going out for sushi is pretty much the dumbest thing i have heard all mission... such a let down =( haha. its all good though. What time did dad end up running it in? was it alot diffrent the the STG because of the altitude? did ya get any squeeses while you were running? haha
So this week, i was thinking about the mission, and how we are to share the gospel with everyone that we see, and especialy when the spirit prompts you to talk to a spesific person. It reminded me of the time in D-Land when we were riding the train around the outside of the park when it was raining really hard, and dad started sharring his testimony with that random english guy. I just remember being so embarrased that dad would do that!, but looking back on it now, thats exactly what we ALL should have been doing! Props Dad! That is one thing that i have changed in my life, not being ashamed to share what i have with those around me!
Love the Gospel!
Love you all
God Speed
Elder Ettinger

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