Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kyle - 11/14/11

Dear Family,

Hey everyone! This past week has been pretty good! But i'm especially excited to report for the events that happened yesterday. It was by far the best sunday on my mission thus far.

I know i've told you about the _______. Who are two sisters with 5 kids. And one of the sisters is married. Elder thorpe gave a talk yesterday. And they finally came to church!!!!!! They stayed for sacrament meeting, and for primary and sunday school for them and the kids!! i was so excited about it! That's not all! After church we went over to their house to teach them a weekly lesson. We showed the kids the restoration DVD. But then we also went over to try and get ____ to stop smoking. The church has a stop smoking lesson, with 15 steps you do everyday. and its garanteed to work. We're praying so hard for her! and your prayers would be much appreciated!

Today for P-day we're playing dodgeball against another zone. And then we're also gonna watch the movie tangled. It should be a pretty exciting day. 

I hope japan has been a great trip! Sounds like you were treated like kings and queens at the marathon! Wish we could've beent here to help cheer dad on.

thanks for all the love and support! Missions are so legit!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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