Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ames - 11/22/11 Big news!

So i pretty much thought that i would be staying with elder turnbull for another transfer, or have him leave and me "Mom" another companion. That wasnt the case.. I got a call from President Killpack this last thursday. I, like kyle, got a calling. I didnt go district leader though, Im Training! Holy Cow! i was, and still am, super nervous about the whole thing> My new comp is from Coalsville Utah, and i just met him like a few hours ago. Im mostly nervous because i still dont know what im doing really. But i know that it will help me to grow as well. So thats why im excited for it.
Crazy awesome week this week. On thursday night we had a lesson with all those girls like we usualy do on every thursday. But this last one the oldest girl, told us that she wanted to be baptized on saturday! Elder Turnbull and myself were freaking out! haha, so we threw together a baptism on friday and she was interviewed and baptized on saturday! and then confirmed on sunday at church.  Elder Turnbull did the baptism and i was able to do the confirmation. The lord knows how to bless us thats for sure :D
Im glad to hear all the fun times in japan. When we are off of our missions we will have to go :D. Speaking of sushi though, we are going to an all you can eat chinese place tonight with some members. so that should be tasty.
One other way sweet story. We were eating lunch at this sonoran hot dog stand (Hot dogs wrapped in bacon :) ) and there were a bunch of missionaries there and this guy comes up to all of us and bets anyone of us to eat a habenero pepper and keep it down for 10 minutes, and he would give you 20 bucks. None of the missionaries were stepping up to the plate, so naturaly i HAD to. So i shook his hand and popped that pepper in my mouth. It was pretty hot, but not as hot as that chilli that i had back in the Gila Valley. Ten minutes were up and i scored a 20. =) best lunch on the mission so far. 
All else is going good. Like i said im nervous about this whole training gig. but its going to be a blessing i know it. 
Love you all so much!
have a great Thanksgiving. (We are eathing with the Westfalls, so dont be surprised if he calls you again)
God Speed
Elder Ettinger

Now you see it . . . 
Now you don't.  Missionary service

Elder Sims, Elder Ettinger and Elder Staley, Ames' new companion

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