Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kyle is no longer a greenie!

Hello everyone,

I'm once again staying in the village ward of applevalley!! i decided i'm just gonna serve here for the first year of my mission, and then serve in lake arrowhead the other year. ha

So this past week has been a pretty slow week, but we did have some great success one of the days! Sunday was a really great day for two reasons! The first being that the _______ family came to church again! for the second time in a row! i was totally stoked about it! And one of the sisters said afterwards, "Church just felt right today".. I was so happy to hear that i was smiling way big! and she thought i was really weird! it was great! ha and the second thing that made my day was that the same sister stopped smoking! She held strong to the 15 steps that we taught her, and now she has alot less cravings to smoke, and she's really excited to know how much money she is going to save over the course of the years. It was a good day!

Today it is super foggy outside! and we're going down the hill a little bit to hike the mormon rocks! It'll be my second time! but elder thorpe hasnt been so i'm going down for him. but it will also be the last time that i get to see one of my good missionary friends Elder Tenney from richfield UT. He's being transfered down the hill.

Our zone is going to have some crazy problems next transfer because the spanish elders car is leaving one of the appartments. leaving me and our car in charge of trying to give rides to....lets see... 10 other missionaries!!!! How the crap is this suppost to work??

As missionaries, we never hear about the news. So i didn't know that a twin missionary died in texas. Thats really sad!!

Hey dad, so we have a member in our ward that is wanting to buy a small fishing boat. I told him you might be up for selling/giving away the two small marine engines out in the shed. (if you still have them) just let me know! thanks

i'm very excited that i'm staying for the holidays this next transfer! thanksgiving is going to be spent at about 4 or 5 different members houses! Lots of invites ha! But christmas is going to be spent with my favorite family. We're gonna go over to there parents house and have dinner and stuff. It should be a good time! I don't expect alot of christmas presents this year. if not none at all. Just a heads up on that.

Hope your week goes well! and everyone is adjusted from japan! i'm excited for the cards and pictures!!
Love you guys!
Elder Kyle Ettinger

Dense fog in Apple Valley, CA

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