Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ames 11/28/11

I know i pretty much say it every email, but time just flippin flies by! This week, like kyles was a pretty slow week. With thanksgiving and taking over the area from elder turnbull and wrapping my head around this training a new missionary idea. Crazy stuff thats for sure. We were only able to teach about 4 lessons this week, so that was lame. But we had some fun stuff happen. Saturday night we were asked to give a little talk in Primary, man i love the little kids! they are so fun. I miss my little primary class. Also, Saturday night we were asked to do a youth fireside the next day! the decons quorm president forgot to get someone to speak at the fireside! (Dad dont let this happen) So they asked us missionaries to do it. Luckly for me i still had my notes from when elder Sims and i did that fireside back in thatcher. so we pretty much just mirrored that one. It was SO much fun! We talked for about an hour, and it was so easy. Im loving how i can just stand up infront of people and not be nervous at all. Also this week, we tracted into a pastor  and he was really nice, he explained how he didnt want to argue about religion but he was more than happy to "Have us over and show us what the bilble really says" haha. he gave us some buisness card and his cell number. I felt really prompted to tract that street that day and he was the only person that showed us any intrest. So maybe we are supposed to go back and talk to him sometime? we will see.
 So dad asked how senior comp is going. Its going good, im kinda realizing though that once you "Go" senior comp you stay senior comp. So im pretty sure i will be here the rest of my mission. which is a bummer at times because you have alot less responsibility when you are Junior Comp. But obviously im supposed to learn how to be a leader and all that. So im not too worried about it.
 My thanksgiving was pretty good, we only had one dinner, and there was zero work to do becasue no one wanted the missionaries around. So we pretty much just kicked it with another companionship.
Hope all else is going well.
Love you all!!!!
Elder Ettinger
ps. i think im getting a wart on my thumb... i havent had one for like 10 years! im so mad.
pps. I want a sweater for Christmas, a mission appropriate one of course. what do you all want?

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