Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ames - 11/7/11

Once again its crazy to look back on how much time has gone by and how much has been done in that time. Crazy stuff thats for sure.
This week has been alot slower week than last, we didnt get to teach very many lessons, and we didnt get to see as many investigators, but its all good.
Sometimes they can all be super frustraiting, like you just want to force the gospel on them becasue you know that it will blss the so much! t they have their stupid agency which lets them choose the wrong path =/ We have a lesson with the ____ girls tonight, the oldest one said that she would have an answer for us tonight about baptism, so pretty excited/nervous about that. Also this last week, our other investigator  brought up some more concerns that we didnt even know he had, which makes me feel that he is alot futher from baptism than we thought =/ so that was quite a bummer. But i guess we have to have the not so good weeks in the mission so that the good weeks seem better. =D
Anywho! unfortunatly last week we were not able to carve pumpkins with the other elders, President wanted us to all be home at our own places. I was so bumbed becasue i got this sweet joseph smith stencil off of the computer that i really wanted to carve... Im going to do it next year for sure!
One cool thing this last week was that we had interviews with our mission president, He is such a legit guy! the very first question in the interview was "How are you doing personaly?" he cares about us as a real person before he worries about the missionary behind that person. Pretty sweet. So those were really good. He told me that im doing good things as the senior companion and that he can really tell that i have helped out. I didnt think I was doing that great of a job personaly, but i guess im doing more than i think.
So those are some pretty sweet looking bikes, how much did those puppies go for? Did you have to sell the Tent Trailer to afford that? haha remember how mad us kids were when dad used that money to by his other road bike haha good times.
So a little encouragement for the Geekcons :
     When it comes to serving a mission, there is nothing that you can sacrifice that will even come close to the blessings that you will be giving to other people. You will meet people that according to the world "Have it all", but in Gods eyes they are missing something that is much more important. It isnt up to them to find what they are missing, becasue many of them dont know that they are missing anything at all. It is up to Me and You and every other worthy young man out there to find them and share with them what they need. We have the responsibility to find them. It is up to us! (Hope that is good =P)
 Cant wait to hear all the stories from japan!
I want Pictures!
Love ya!
Elder Etttinger

On the basketball hoop taking photos of other missionaries

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