Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Week! Kyle 3/12/12

Hello Everyone,
So This past week has been pretty awesome!
We were able to meet with our investigator last thursday, he said that he is coninuing to read the book of mormon, and that he wants to start including his family in reading, but he cant seem to get them interested. We told him to try and read Alma 32 with them. Where it compares the B.o,m to a seed, and you plant the seed and what not. So we are hoping that they will be open to reading with him. we also scheduled a time to meet with his whole family a week from today!!
So some really exciting news! i Got a little suprise visit today from an old friend, ames is gonna be SUPER ticked!!.. Guess who stopped by??...Kim Nelson!!!!!!! haha! he called me on a missionaries phone and said ,"Hey i am at your appartment! Get your butt home!" ha! it was super fun being able to see kim again! and austin! who is growing up a ton! that kid is super tall now!. We got a picture together that i will send to you in the email.
We have been able to do two different service projects, one was putting up a swing set, that took 4 missionaries and the member 8 hours to complete! it was a way fun time though. And another member in the ward found out that we were "swing set experts" and wants us to come over and help build theirs as well!!
the other project was being able to use a chainsaw again! we cut up a ton of logs and hauled them off this guys property. It was also a ton of fun! i think we were helping him for about 4 hours!
Service is so fun! and its something i am always looking forward to!
Thanks for the birthday presents that you sent! i am excited to turn 20! its crazy! ha however i do have a leadership meeting on the 15th AND 16th that i am not looking forward to! but oh well, it is what it is.
Thats crazy that mom and dad were in apple valley!! Ha! and that you met elder hudak and fisk. Hudak was in this zone last transfer, and fisk was in apple valley when i was there. Good times!
We also were able to go up to lake arrowhead last saturday, we stopped by tims house, and got some pictures. It took me back to the good ol family reunion! ha! i was hoping tim wouldn've been able to come up, but he was busy.
thanks for all of the love and support you give me! thanks kim nelson for stopping by and saying hi! that was pretty epic!
Talk to you when i am twenty!
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Elder Ettinger with Kim Nelson

Elders Ettinger, Bindrup, La'ulusa, and Bowler at Lake Arrowhead

In front of Uncle Tim's house

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