Friday, March 2, 2012

Windy Sierra Vista - Ames 2/27/12

Sierra Vista has ALOT of wind. I do not like the wind at all, especialy on a bike, it makes riding so much harder than in needs to be! Also, there is a slight downgrade away from our appartment to the rest of our area. That also means that every night without fail we have to go up hill to get home, such a bummer.
This week was a pretty good week. We were able to set up the Baptisimal program for a Baptism this weekend. We were also able to set a baptismal date for another one of our investigators. So this week was a pretty fun one. Not a whole lot of finding new investigators though. That is definitly the hardest part of missionary work, finding new people to teach. Thats pretty crazy though that random guy knew the zockles... i dont even remember contacting a guy named craig and even talking about dad running the ironman? Thats really cool though.
Today for Pday we are going to go to tombstone. Iv heard fun things about it. so that should be cool. Its such a bummer not having a wallet though, I litteraly am a missionary withough purse or script haha. not having money is stressfull, i dont know how im going to find food for the next week. :( im sure i will live though.
Whats with not hearing from kyle for so long? that bum
So do you think that i could get two drivers licences? that would be pretty cool.
Speaking of, There is a guy  that works for the FBI, and we were talking last night at a ward devotional, and i learned that he has multipul Alias' (Spelling?) like he said he has throw away ones that are just like a one time use. and then ones that have full credit reports and all that leagal stuff that have taken years to make! pretty sweet stuff. The FBI sounds pretty fun =D
Congrats to Maren for finishing all those Interviews, i like to brag about you all the time =)
Love you all lots and lots!
God Speed,
Elder Ettinger
ps, one quick request:
Dad you should give me some information on red dog and being in the air force, he was in the air force right? there is a guy in my ward that was interested. He said if he had his Birthday and name he could look him up at this Veterans place he is a part of.

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