Friday, March 2, 2012

Kyle - 2/27/12

Hey there family!
Man it feels like it has been forever since ive been able to email! it feels like i haven't emailed this whole transfer.
I wasn't able to email because of presidents day last week. Sometimes our mission president lets us email on the tuesday after. But this time we werent allowed to. so i had to wait forever and day to get back on and email.
It took me about twenty minutes to read all of the emails and now i can tell you i may not get to all of the questions asked since there were so many of them.
The past two weeks have had its ups and downs. We were able to find a new investigator that we like to call "Golden". She was a refferal from the spanish missionaries that we live with. Because we have the same boundries as the spanish elders. We can go out tracting in the same areas. and find both spanish and english people to teach. At the same time. Its really fun to go tracting with the spanish elders. Anyways, our investigator has a sister that is a member of the church that lives in New york. Her sister has been telling her to try and find the mormon church. And she has always been unsuccessful. However, we have found her, and now she has found us! We taught her last tuesday about the doctrine of christ. Which are the 5 steps to returning to live with heavenly father again. It was a really great lesson, and she said she wanted to learn more! so we are going back tomorrow to teach another lesson. Probably the restoration.
The reason that she is golden, is because she knows that she needs to be baptised again, because her first baptism was as a little little child. and she wants to make the true desicion to follow jesus christ. So we are pretty stoked.
Thats a real bummer that ames lost his wallet! hopefully he can get his stuff soon. I'm really excited for march to come! i'll be able to get more mission funds! so i can eat again . it always seems like my money disappears super fast! its really annoying.
So i am going to be able to go up to lake arrowhead in march! i'm so excited! i am gonna get some permission to try and get ahold of tim, and see if we can stop by his house and get a picture and catch up a bit. Yes you should all be jealous! i wanna rub it in as much as i can.
Today for p-day we are going bowling! Elder Bowler knows of a place in the city of san bernardino that has one dollar shoe rentals and one dollar games! so its gonna be way sweet!
Gongrats to maren for getting her interviews done! thats pretty awesome! Now you can catch up with all of your school work!
I hope everyone is doing well!! staying safe and having fun! Right now it is slightly sprinkling in rialto, i was way jealous to hear about the snow and hail in ames' mission! i dont think i'm gonna be able to touch snow for a really long time!! The weather here in california is really dumb!
I love all of you! thanks for the support you give me! My mission is teaching me so much! and its such a fun thing!! So if any of the young men in the ward say.."oh i dunno, a mission seems scary". Just tell them to man up, because a mission is SO much fun! being able to testify to what i know. Is the coolest thing ever!
Later! love, elder kyle ettinger

"Rim of the World"  overlooking San Bernardino

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