Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kyle 4/5/12

Man the time keeps flying by! just like ames said, i cant believe we are already halfway through this transfer! it seems like i just started my training with elder bevan, and we were halfway through the past transfer!
I am really looking forward to the 20th birthday! I love being able to ask members to feed you on a certain day. 
okay so this past week was SUPER dumb! Our lesson with our legit gator fell through, so we were only able to do some contacting this week. and try and get referals from members. Called"MRRs" member referal requests. But we did have some fun tracting this past week. there was a day that i was able to borrow another elders dog whistle, its electronic. and scares little dogs like crazy! so we can now go into fenced yards with dogs! you just press the button and they run away from you in mass confusion! its so fun! makes me laugh everytime! its also fun to scare the dogs away from the door when the owner is talking to you at the door. You just keep the whistle in your pocket and press the button. ha
Anyways, i gotta clarify something before everyone thinks i was swimming! ha
We went and hiked up to a waterfall, where the path wasnt even by the water. then Elder la'ulusa and myself took of our shoes. And just put our feet in the water. then i got the picture of me standing in part of the small waterfall. To me, that is not considered swimming. So i think mom should put the cool picture on the blog please.
We are going on a different hike today called "lytle creek" it also has a waterfall at the end of the hike. and i plan on getting some cool pictures at that one as well.
Congrats to maren on getting accepted to the north Caralina school! thats crazy awesome! let us know maren when you go to that school and stuff! i hope we will be able to see you lots once ames and i get off our mission in less than 15 months! holy cow!
thanks for everyones love and support! i am excited to continue on with the mission!! woo!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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