Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Half way through the transfer Ames 3/4/12

I cant believe that we are allready halfway through this transfer! is it me or does time seem to just be speeding up? i submit that it is.
This week was an awesome week. Mainly because we eneded it off on saturday with a baptism! They are allways fun to go to. I didnt teach the kid all that much so i dont think i will claim him as one of my baptisms, but it was still good to see one more person enter in by the gate. (Thats a scripture reference for you non-scriptorians ;) ) other than that our week was pretty lame, lots of dropped appointments, always a pretty frustraiting event.
Super stoked that maren got accepted and Chapel HIll, i met someone in my ward that has a son just about to finish up there. Blind date maren? haha jk
So i got a new drivers licence this week! im now a citizen of arizona! joy. And i did get my new debit card from mom, still waiting for my missionary one though. it should be here in the next few days though. I also had an interview with president killpack for a new temple recomend. So my new identity is slowly forming again. Funny story though, i just found out last night that my wallet was found... talk about horrible timing. But since everything was cancelled in it it is pretty much no good anyway. So now i have two drivers licences. Its like i have two personas :D I dont have it yet though, its still down in douglas where i lost it at a members home. Apparently one of their younger sons found it and thought that it was something he could keep. He then would always tell his parents that he could pay for stuff with his credit card. They thought he was just joking unitl one time he actualy pulled one out of his pocket! haha i think that story itself is worth all of the trouble :D
Today for pday we will be going hiking in some caves, that should be fun. Ill send some pictures next week.
I agree with kyle, missions are the funnest things ever. I got an email from Bishop today saying that a few of the priests are really close to submitting papers. thats awesome.
I have grown so much in the last year its just crazy. I feel like i have recived much more than i have put in thats for sure.
love you all so much!
God Speed!
Elder Ettinger

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