Friday, June 1, 2012

Ames 5/21/12

Officialy One Year OUT!
its so crazy that kyle and i are half way through the mission, it
seems like just a few weeks ago we were pulling up to the MTC and
getting rained on. Time sure flies. Yesterday just before sacrament
meeting a lady who i later faound out was the bishops wife, came up to
us and asked if i would be "Lamoni's Father" in her primary class and
to explain to the kids the story of the Anti-nephi-lehi's.... im not
good with kids... and im not good with acting anything out... and to
put some extra embarassment i had to wear a costume made out of some
spare cloth... Needless to say, i was stressing out during sacrament
when the second counciler called me up to introduce myself and share
my testimony... great. The rest of the meeting was me fumbling through
scriptures to get my story strait and praying. When sacrament ended i
went into the bathroom and put on my cloth and headed to the primary
class. It turned out really well :D i just followed my notes, and the
kids didnt even know what i was talking about anyways so more power to
me :) it was fun. It reminded my of my primary class back home. Good
    We are struggling in our area to find new investigators, we are
trying tons of diffrent approches with little luck, but we keep
trucking on.
    Last night we were picking up some other missionaries and a
neighbor lady came out and asked us if we were watching the Eclipse. A
member at church mentioned it but i totaly forgot. So we checked it
out. All we had were sunglasses so it didnt work out all that well.
BUT, i couldnt let it go away without taking pictures! I ended up
getting some really cool ones. Lots of fun :D
Today for P-day we are
Hope you all have a great week!
Have fun at the ranch!
Love you!
Elder Ettinger

ps. i would send pics but this computer is slow...

i forgot to look at my notes to see what i was supposed to tell you.

i saw president Lunt this week. That was fun to talk to him again. He
says hello.
he mentioned the Ten scrolls of success and how he taught them to his
students in highschool and said "One of those students was locke
ettinger, elder ettingers dad" haha that was pretty cool. love that

next package you send i would like those Buzz and Woddy lego guys we
have :) i have quite the lego collection going on :D

whats brother fry's first name? Robert? i think it is. if so he may
have baptized a less actice guy here in deming. He would have baptized
him in el paso. small world.

have a great week!

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