Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot and windy days in Deming, NM 6/11/12 Ames

So its getting super hot here and im not liking it all that much, its
also super duper windy here which you would think would make it seem
cooler right... nope its a really hot wind and dries everything out.
NO bueno.
This last week has been a pretty good week. We set up a baptism
for this friday! really excited for that. We still have to teach him a
few more things before his interview on wendsday but we will squeeze
them in there :) We are hoping that this baptism will help the ward
jump back on board with the missionary work, they are struggling to
help us out with the work. We will see what happens.
I got to give a talk down in Columbus yesterday. My topic was the Book
of Mormon and i needed to fill up a 20 minute block. I Prepared my
talk thursday friday and saturday and i wasnt feeling like i was going
to be able to fill the time. I havent ever done a 20 minute talk
before. So sunday rolls around and im a little stressed about it so i
Prayed that i would be able to be stress free and that using my
preparation and notes that i could fill the time. Almost instantly the
stress went away and i felt good about the talk. When the Sacrament
was over i got up to speak and only looked at my three pages of notes
once or twice. The spirit guided me from one topic to another as i had
planned it out. During the talk to i for some reason never looked down
at my watch to see how much time i had left. After i was all finished
up i checked my watch as i was walking back to my seat. 30 minutes!
Oops haha. I was really excited to see that what only seemed like 15
minutes was alot more. :) Gotta love the Spirit.
This last week we had Zone Training. We talked alot about planning
effectivly for our days and weeks. We also talked alot about Kneeling
prayers. This training was a lot diffrent from past trainings because
it was from 1 to 8:30 with a three hour break where we went out with a
missionary in Silver City to "Put what we learned to the test." I
really liked the setup and we had a really successful night. Lots of
fun too :D
I cant belive that we are already back to the last week of a transfer.
Elder Handerhan and myself are more than likely going to do one more
together. But iv said that in the past and it didnt mean anything :)
So we will see next sunday if we get a call or not.
Time is going by too fast, 13 months next week!
Love you all!
God Speed!
Elder Ettinger

that story that dad told in his email where we went off into the snow
covered ditch. as soon as we all knew we were going into the ditch.
dad says, "This is not going to be good guys" in like a super calm
voice. hahahaha good times with the boys!
love ya!

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