Friday, June 1, 2012

Kyle - 5/21/12

hello Family!
This past week has been pretty slow, we were able to get a return appointment with two less active families, that we are hoping to be able to see this week. As well as a couple Former investigators.
THe biggest event for this week is that a day after my year mark in the mission, our toilet decided to flood over! and usually it stops overflowing when the back bowl fills up again, well ours decided to not fill up, which meant the toilet kept over flowing until i finally realized i needed to turn off the water! The resulted in about an inch of water in the whole bathroom, and alot of water in our carpets!! Woo!! i immediatly got to work cleaning it all up, and we had a fan running on it for the past 48 hours, and it is finally dry! Good times!
For P day we are probably going to just hit up some thrift stores for ties, play some games, and just relax today. We were going to get up at 4:30 this morning and do a sunrise hike at the mormon rocks, but the APs didnt give us permission. That was a real bummer.
Congrats mom on finishing the race!! I cheered for you from california! just so ya know!
And thank you for the package!! i wore the shirt the other day, and enjoyed the crackers and stuff!! Thanks again for keeping the elders of the family happy!
Thats crazy that everyone is getting married all of the sudden!! seems like mike and damien just got home! so thats really weird!
Thats pretty cool that you guys got to see the eclipse, i didnt hear anything about it at all, so that was news for me!
Sorry this email is a bit short this time, i am hoping we can see some more miracles this next week!!
Good luck everyone!! Be safe and have fun!
Love Elder Kyle Ettinger

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