Friday, June 1, 2012

Great to hear your voices - Kyle 5/14/12

Dear Family,
It was a really fun time talking to you guys last night,
Since we pretty much covered the things that ames and i have been up to, i can just say that today for P-day we are playing capture the flag at our church building, i am pretty excited for that!! We will also get our shopping done sometime today. And hopefully find some time to do laundry as well.
I really appreciate the love and support that i get from all of you guys! like ames said, there are some missionaries that hardly ever get emails or mail from there family, i really am blessed to have such a loving family! and i dont think there is anyway that i could give you guys enough credit for it!
Mom, the hike that you went on looks pretty awesome!! i miss able to go hike whenever we want to. hopefully this transfer we will be able to arange to hike castle rock in big bear sometime. It would be nice to take a break from the heat for a day or so, It would just be a really long drive from Hesperia though.
The chickens are getting really big! thats pretty cool how fast they grow!
Be sure to keep the bugs down to a minimum though mom.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! I pray for you all the time!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
Elders Rodgers, Blamires, King and Ettinger

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