Monday, June 25, 2012

June 4, 2012 Ames

I cant beleive that it is already june! Before we all know it we will
be dead! haha
This week was a really awesome week for us. We were able to find two
new investigators, and one of them will be getting baptized on the
16th! we are super excited about it. He is a 9 Year old and his mom
and grandma are Members and the Grandma is coming back to church. We
are still working on the mom because her working schedual is pretty
lame :(. We will see though. The boy is really excited to be baptized.
Got to love the miracles. :D
We also met a bunch of our weekly goals and it was a great faith building week!
We went out to the farm this last week. Planting :D. it was tons of
fun. We had to plant two rows by hand and then we helped brother knoop
plant the rest in the tractor. We had to walk behind the planters and
make sure the seed was going down the shoot and into the ground. I was
super interested in the Mechanics of the system so i asked him about
it, he told me the system was super old and that newer ones were even
better. Fun stuff on the farm!
Today for Pday we are going to do some bowling. Super stoked. Hopfully
i can get some sweet pictures :D.
Love you all so MUCH!
Elder Ettinger

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