Friday, June 1, 2012

Silver City - Ames 5/29/12

Obvioulsly we are emailing today because of memorial day yesterday. Im currently on an Exchange with the Zone Leaders and im up in Silver City. Its about an hour north of deming and is higher in elevation and is alot cooler then Deming. Its alot greener here as well which is super nice. Pine Trees are an excellent change :). This last week has been a pretty good one. We had a less active guy call us and told us he wanted to meet with us. We went over last friday and he told us he wanted to start coming back to church and he wanted to meetwith us to have "Scripture Study". We got him a ride for chuch last sunday and he came! super cool. His wife isnt a member and seems really nice too :D. Its always motivating to have some success. This last week was Fathers and Sons as well, we arent allowed to camp as missionaries so we didnt stay the night but we were able to go up for the dinner and the fireside. It was really fun to go and do some fishing as well. You all will be proud of my catch. It was a Lunker.

So last week i forgot to give you all (Yall) the details of my "Foot Zoning" it was super duper cool! It took about an hour for each of us and she could pin point alot of diffrent injuries, past and present. She can also tell if you have any caveties and which tooth they are in by looking at the insides of your toes! luckly no cavities for me :D She can tell how you handel stress by the tops of your feet, spesficaly how you handel stress. She was able to tell me exactly how i handel stress, super cool. Im definatly going to research it a bit when i get home.
Crazy conection last night. Up here in silver we went to the YSA FHE last night, and there was a kid from deming up visiting. (He is in the other deming ward so i didnt know who he was) While we were sitting there he got a text from his cousin that said something to the effect of "Hey, this kid i know that is serving in the arizona tucson mission just got transfered to deming a few weeks ago." He then asked me how long i had been in deming and so i told him a few weeks. and So he calls her up and asks who the missionary is... Elder Ettinger. His cousin is a girl that i went to highschool with that has mutual friends with me. Nuts! The world gets smaller everyday.
Glad to hear that the ranch has fun things going on! Dads Wildfire sounds a bit bigger than the one i almost started the week before we left for the MTC. Crazy Crazy.
Hope ll is well in the real world :D
Say hi to all the ranch folk for me :D
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

Ames at the Mexican border

Arriving in New Mexico

Ames's view of the eclipse

"The Lunker"

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