Monday, April 1, 2013

Kyle - 3/11/13

dear family,

Thanks for the emails this week! sounds like all is going well back at home!
Maren i hope you get feeling better soon if you havent already. Being sick is so lame!
I got over my cold last week, but i think my companion is getting one now.
We are taking our car into the shop this tuesday, from when the elders got in a 
car accident last january. The insurance finally approved the work to be done.
we are hoping to get a replacment car for that time, but if not, i dont mind being
on bike for a little bit.

the little primary boy reminds me of how chaotic ames and i were in primary,
haha oh ames and i were such mischievousness boys!!

I am really excited to get back to the golf course, thats funny the comment that
mom made about the whitings. I hope they havent made to many changes to the
course without me.

ames and i have talked about trying to fly home on the same day. I havent had
a chance to even ask him about it yet.  We will see what happens i guess.
it would be legit to come home on the same day. and on the same flight, but if it
doesnt work out. i'll still be happy to be home again haha i think ames would agree.

We are doing so much to try and get the members more involved in member missionary
work, they are just all so much older, and have like zero motivation. But we are praying
to try and visit specific active families, who are prepared to talk to there friends and 
neighbors about the gospel.

i love being a missionary so much! i cant believe how fast the time has gone! its really crazy!
i love you all so much, sorry not much going on this week! hopefully i will have some awesome
miracles to send next week.
we are going bowling for the pday activity today, should be a good time. i havent been for over a year
now. Since being in the rialto zone.
So stoked for my birthday this saturday!
Happy birthday ames!! hope its a good one!
i got permission to go over to rialto to have dinner with the
squires. they are the ones who dropped off my comforter and fishing reel
to the parentals last year. He grew up in st george. And they also fed me on
my birthday last year. Should be a good time! 

i love you all so much! and hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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