Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6/1/11 Letters

From Ames:

So im only in the MTC for a few more days :D i fly out on monday at like 710 in the morning. Im so excited to get to the feild.
First before i forget, apparently the mission office in tucson has changed their address. could you please call them using the number on one of those letters they sent, or find it online and find out what the adress is? cuz everyone will have the wrong one... and if you could dearelder me asap so i can start circulating that around. ill probibly send some postcards or something from tucson.
Addressing the questions everyone had:
One of my comps is going to tucson with me, the other is going to colorado springs
all but two elders in my district are going to tucson. so im excited about that.
Ill send some pictures in a few days. we cant email photos from the mtc computers because they are so protected and stuff... they dont even have a desktop its just a start menu with like the sites we can go to...
I dont use the other bag at all :P it would have been a hassel. and there are some backpacks in the bookstore here but they are all lame and i dont want any of them.
i leave on the 6th so they will just have to forward it on or something. it will get to me someday.
The TRC is soooo much fun. we got to teach a new convert last week and his nonmember grandson. it was soo cool. i love teaching and if you teach by the spirit it is so easy.
There is quite a bit of time on PDays to get everyting done. iv written like four letters and now email. and i have got my laundry all done and still am going to the temple in an hour or so. Its so much fun i cant even describe.
Thats funny that the dog doesnt listen very well haha. he alwasy seemed fine for me ;)
throw a ball for him from me :D
Yes i feel like im getting better at teaching, we did some role plays with some new missionaries and they were so bad, but thats how i was two weeks ago haha. so yes there is some improvement.
I have been eating alot of salads and wraps. cuz all the other food is garbage. like its gotten so bad.
also good luck on your upcoming test.
Kim Nelson,
I have an elder in my district from Tropic Utah, small world right. His name is Elder Eddy. Do you know any Eddy's?
I Dont have much to say because this week was exactly like last.
Ill have more to say next week when im in TUCSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope all is well.
love you all lots.
Elder Ettinger

From Kyle:

Hey everyone!,
This past week in the MTC has been awesome! we're learning so many things each day! and learning better ways to teach our investigators and stuff. My hand is pretty much all healed up now, but the stitches aren't all the way gone yet. TRC is the coolest most fun thing ever! we are teaching this guy named Mark Turco, he was raised baptist i think. but we taught him about god, jesus christ, and why we're here on earth, and also why we're here on earth. And loads more. but, we committed him to be baptised! which was super exciting for elder millward and myself.
There are four guys in our district going to forworth texas, and there are four going to san berdoo. All of my roomates are going to california, and the other room is going to texas make sense?
I'm getting so very excited to get to california and start working and changing lives! My testimony has grown so very much and its awesome!!
Guess what!! We just got back from doing more initiatory work at the temple. we had to go back in to find one of our other elders that was with us and guess who came up to me.... Our cousin Katy! it was such a happy coincidince! i just said hello, told her when we were heading to the field, and then we had to be on our way. But, it was super sweet! She said she was gonna text maren and tell her, and make all of you guys jealous.
The past two weeks have just flown on by! and i can tell that its gonna probably continue to be like that! i meant to bring the letters that you guys send to me. so i can answer the questions you ask. but i forgot this time. So i'm doing my best to remember them. Thanks for the package with the goodies and my drum pad and shoes and stuff! i appreciate it alot! Getting packages here is like christmas! everyone in the district like gathers around as your open your box ha!!
I think my next opportunity to write is going to be in california when i get there. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to call in the airport. plus it may just make me miss the family all over again, which i'd rather stay away from. But, as of right now i'm doing great! loving my mission! and SO SO SO glad i chose to come! I'm so stoked to help the people in california!
I'm sorry you dont have your hard strong buff workers anymore! looks like the lot up at kolob is just a wreck and a mess! Good luck cleaning it all up!!
Mom, they have a little computer thing to load your pictures from the memory card. kinda like at walmart ya know? and it only took a day to get them printed, then you pick them up and pay the next day. Its great!
I love you guys all so very much!! i'm wanting to check out the eldersettinger blog when i get to my mission! when i can actually go to an internet site other than and ha! they really restriced us here in the MTC. But its probably a good idea to keep everyone safe! I still see ames quite a bit, and christian clayton! My old Co-work buddy! there are two other boys that we went to dixie with, christian stovall and jared sullivan that i saw as well! its awesome to see people we know around here.
well i love you all lots! and i'm so appreciative of your support and love! i can always feel your prayers! and i'm praying for my fam back at home!! we're reminded here a few times that when we choose to go on a mission, our family is safe and protected while we're gone. So i keep that it mind alot.
Enjoy your week!! i know i'll enjoy mine! love you guys! keep having fun! and Stay happy and joyful!!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
I'll talk to you again when i'm in the field!!!! Time to get to work!!

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