Monday, June 13, 2011

Kyle 6/13

hello everyone! I was so excited to hear all the news from back at home! and to tell you about my companion from st george and what not! But it looks like you guys already know!! Now i have nothing to write about ha! just kidding. This week has gone by pretty fast! The apple Valley area is pretty dead and slow right now. i've only taught a half of one lesson so far. To a less-active member who wants to learn more about getting the priesthood. So it was fun to teach him. We've gone out and checked on some potential investigators, who havn't been contacted in about a year or two. So almost all of them have lost interest in the church. Sad day. But i'm still having loads of fun out here in the Field.
Elder Bowler is an awesome trainer and companion! he's pretty layed back, but when its time to work he doesn't waste anytime at all. He went to dixie as you know, and only knew of me because i was one of the "twins" when we were at dixie sophomore year or whatever. Ha.
Thats so cool that dad qualified for the boston marathon! Good luck with running it dad!! I forgot that he was gonna run up in provo! I've just had mission on my mind 24-7, i forget what plans people had back at home ha! In a few days i'll have served ONE month! I'm such a little greenie still! ha, but the time has already gone by so fast, because i'm just having so much fun here. Even though the work is slow and what not. Today, being P-day, we're doing our email, gonna go to lunch, then off the the stake center to play a mad game of dodgeball! They say it gets pretty intense! so i'm way stoked about it ha!
THe ward members here are so nice! and it seems like everyone we talk to knows someone from st george. two different people know the snyders in our stake which i thought was pretty funny. But, the members feed us just about every night. Last night i got to give the spiritual thought. and i related prayer, to the time that we got lost hiking the MIA exit out of the boundry hike. i shared our family experiences and how we would stop and pray, and show our thanks to heavenly father for getting us that far. every level that we climbed. It was way cool! i'm way excited to have some way cool mission stories, elder bowler says right now, my mission stories are my life stories from home, which is fun to share with people.
MY direct appartment that i'm living in, the address is
(Elder Kyle Ettinger)
13917 Okesa Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307
we're actually living in a garage that has been carpeted and fitted with some couch's and beds and stuff! ITs way way nice to live in! we have plenty of space and room for just elder bowler and myself.
Elder millwards parents and family showed up at the airport before we went through security, his mom knows someone from st george who was following our blog, and said her son was mentioned in it. its crazy to see how fast stuff spreads around! This world is just so small!!
I'm loving my mission so much! even though the work is slow, i still have the "Greenie fire" as the older missoinaries call it. Elder bowler and myself are confident that we'll get the village ward of apple valley up and running again, since we're both new to the area, we kinda starting all over. Its called White-washing an area, because when you get in the new area, both past missionaries just leave you a couple notes on white paper about the people and maybe some investigators, then you're just on your own.
When we set our goals for the week, we have our own fun goal we set.... Iits how many shopping carts we see in the area, without being close to a parking lot, ya know, just out in a field, or someones yard. Last week our total was 20. It keeps things alive when the work is slow ha.
Well, i love everyone so very much! Its sometimes hard to remember all of your questions, so i try to answer as many as i can! so i hope i did alright! Sounds like the mission pres. or sister Godwin told you everything anyways!!! Gee!! ha.
Enjoy this week!! You guys are awesome!! love you all!
Peace! Elder Kyle Ettinger
p.s i'm only a 4 or 5 hours away from home! I feel so close! ha. But i'm not home sick or anything. LDS missions are just so fun and exciting!!! I don't really think about home alot. Don't take that the wrong way or anything. I think you get my point

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