Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello Family - Kyle

Dear family,
This week has been quite different than the week previous, the missionary work, like i said last week, is really slow, and hard to find people to teach. As of right now, we have one kid who is wanting to get the priesthood, i think i told you about him last week. We're gonna be teaching him the plan of salvation. He has a "super mario bro's" layout of the plan of salvation, so he can get the most out of it and understand it well. (Because he's a geek that plays video games quite often) I'm pretty excited to get in and continue to teach him! and hopefully we can participate in giving him the amazing priesthood athority! This past week we also contacted a less-active member, who really wants to change his life around, and possibly have his wife listen to the lessons as well, and become baptized and join the church. But, he is like trying to keep it a secret from his wife that he's even been talking to us out on the front porch. So i hope that his wife gives us a chance and we can change their family's life for the better.
Dad, happy fathers day! a day late i know, but i didn't know what to send you. And i now know that it takes like four days to send a letter home! So i just like panic'd and didn't know what to do. My bad! But, to answer your question about the apple tree's...yes. I have seen one apple tree. And its in our neighbors backyard. aka. our appartments front yard. Make sense? But other than that, its a hot dry desert here in apple valley, but the area is so awesome! Also, applevalley isnt close to the military base, thats part of some other mission area that i really don't know much about. But, i've heard of missionaries serving on the base and stuff. One of these days we're gonna hike up "Bell Mountain" and get some pictures of apple valley. Hopefully on a day where its not smoggy and gross! California air is discusting compared to home!
This tuesday we have a greenie orientation thing down at our presidents home i think. Its gonna be sweet because i get to see elder millward again! See how he's doing, and i'll probably give president Godwin a word or two about being companions with elder millward out in the field sometime! Which i would be so stoked about, because we're way good pals, and we taught so well and seemed to convert millions in the MTC, so i wanna try and do the same here in San berdoo.
Mom, you would be sad to hear that i worked outside for two and a half hours saturday and didn't wear sunscreen.... i'm gonna start calling my mission "San Burn-ardino" But, because of the wind constantly blowing in the high desert, it sometimes doesn't feel as hot as it really is.
Today being P-day, we challanged Victorville to a game of softball, and we're totally gonna kill them! so i'm pretty excited about that.
We're also gonna go tie thrift shopping later today when we find some time. I thought i brought a bunch of tie's out to the field. I was very wrong, there are missionaries who have like 150 ties or more! its like a stupid high amount! So i'm gonna start catching up by getting some more.
Sounds like mom is doing alot of work at home! Good job mom! Sounds like dad is probably on the sidelines watching mom work.... Just kiddin! love ya dad! Ha i'm sorry about buddy being a bum and not wanting to be brushed still. We were in a members home eating dinner one night (And yes the members feed us really well, we have a dinner appointment just about every night.) and the members had a little Beagle Puppy dog, just born the day before, and it was just the cuttest thing ever! I miss it when buddy was a cute little pup. now he's just all big and smart and most of the time disobiedient! Good luck with him!
I'm still loving my mission! even though the work is slow and the members aren't super excited to help out with the missionary work. I'm going on companion exchanges this next wednesday, and i'm paired up with the next newest missionary, and we're serving in my ward. So i get to drive the car now, and call all of the shots. Which i'm actually really excited about. I have a good feeling that something amazing and spiritual might happen.
Sounds like everthing back at home is going just as well as when we left it. How is the freeway construction coming along? i told elder Bowler about the freeway being all messed up. And the way i explained the new freeway exit, he laughed and just thought it was another wasted project that the city does. we talk about good ol' st george sometimes, and all the crazy things that have happened there before.
Anyways, i love all of you! Thanks for all of your love and support while i'm out here on this amazing adventure!
We've already been out a month! And it feels like it could've only been a week or two. By the end of this transfer we'll be two months old. Ha the way missionaries say there "mission age" is pretty funny stuff. Elder bowler just had his 1st birthday (aka 1 year) this past thursday. So he burned a white shirt, and we built a fire and cooked some hamburgers out back. Good times.
i keep rambling on, so i guess i'll end here.
Love you all! Have a great week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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