Monday, June 13, 2011

Ames 6/13

    So iv been in the mission field for a whole week!! it went by super fast though. like it was nuts. I still havent got a bike yet. there isnt any real need, our area is small and we cover two wards, so we walk to the one we live in, and then drive to the other, park, and then walk.
My comp, Elder Sims, is way cool. All i have heard from people is that i couldnt have gotten a better trainer. So im stoked about that.
There are so many members here in the Gila Valley, which is a good thing and a bad thing, good because we have dinner appointments every night so i have yet to cook a dinner :D, but a bad thing because there are no non members, and those who are have heared it a ton of times and dont want to hear it again.
I will mention one family though, The Campbells. The mom has been inactive since 19 so the husband and all the kids arnt members. The dad works at some local prison so he is a super tough guy, like he doesnt really want to know about the church, and he wont let his kids get baptized until he knows that they know its true... that was at the beginning of the week when i met them. They have been going to church (all but the dad) for the last three or four weeks. and the older son, 12, has wanted to get baptized for a couple of weeks. the younger son, 10, Just gained a testimony last week :D you can see it in him. its crazy how his countenance has changed :) so they both set a goal for themselves, without us saying anything, to be baptized by the end of the month :D and also you can tell that the dad is a little more interested to learn. and we think that after he sees his two boys get baptized then he will soften up a bit. so thats where we are at now, there are truly miracles happening in this area, even though the work is slower.
     Thanks for the addresses. i have been wanting to send them some letters the last little while.
And yes. that address that linds gave you is my appartment. Send mail there unless it is getting close to transfer day, because then i may or may not be there anymore ?? thats the whole point in sending them to the mission office.
Ha k funny story. The first day i got here i changed into my short sleve shirt so that i wouldnt be so hot. and i forgot to swap my tag into the pocket. Super Greene move. We went to walmart where we met up with other missionaries in the zone and all of them were like "Whats your name i cant read your tag?", and every day since then, when we call the DL at night he reminds elder sims to make sure i wear my tag the next day. I dont think i will be hearing the end of it any time soon :D.
The work is great out here, im having alot of fun. We got a new investegator on saturday, and we are going to the first lesson tonight. So hopefully that goes well :D
Congrats dad on the Marathon. You better not screw up boston. :D
Love you all !!
-Elder Ettinger-
ps sorry maren about not being able to see HP7p2 at midnight. Im not going to be able to see it either :/
pps. if anything big happens in the news let me know. because we dont hear anything out here. apparently it took like a week before the elders here knew about the earthquakes in japan lol.

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