Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ames made it to Tucson!

So I made it all the way to Tucson, our flights were both pretty short so it was no big deal.
We had to wake up at 3 to get ready to get to the airport on time. Lame. :/
Tucson is hot, everyone wasnt lying when they said it was going to be. Its alot more deserty too. like alot more space and a lot less grass. lame.
Before I forget about it, SEND ME MY BIKE!! We will need them in every area, and some areas are bike only areas... so i need it. and i would rather have my own then have to buy some piece of crap bike here :P
So as i go though the week I write things down that i want to include in my emails and letters to other people. so here goes:

So are you ready to hear about where my first area is??? hmmm???
Well first of all I had to get up at 5 this morning because we had to get ready and be at the Trancfer cite at 630 :/ another early morning. I cant wait to sleep in tomorow until 615 :D ... :( thats when we have to wake up in this mission eww. So guess where my area is??
Gila Valley :) so stoked!!
Just asctualy got here about an hour or so ago, the transfer process is freaking long and required frequent stops for dropping off other missionaries and picking others up. we had to stop and unload and reload twice before we got here.
My apartment is pretty legit. its a farily new complex and apparently is the best appartment and bed in the entire mission :) I love the blessings.
My trainer aka "Dad" is Elder Sims, He is a spanish spaking missionary so we are in what is called a "Zebra" Companionship. One spanish one english missionary. It apparently happens quite often in the mission. He seems really cool and like a hard worker. We will see more when we start working.
In the MTC they said that in arizona we would be teaching like 4-5 lessons a day, because the members work so well and get us lots of referals.
Apparently here in Gila Valley we only teach 8 lessons a week because everyone is either a member or has already heard the lessons? we will see what goes down. We have a Dinner appointment tonight and so hopefuly we can score a referal or someting... Im not really sure how it all works.
We will probibly be comps for two transfers because there is some new 12 week training program that is starting up ? Well see what goes down.
Im going to send some pictures too because I can now actualy use a normal computer. Not one of those monitors they had at the MTC :P
I hope Kyle got to his mish ok, Im sure you did. Ill hear from you next week, My Pday is on monday unless it is transfer week then it is on Tuesday
Im super excited to get in some doors, Its really hot down here but we can just call that the Spirit :P
Love you all
Thanks for the Love and support 
-Elder Ettinger-
PS. Havent met President Lunt yet, Apparently he is over this area though. So sometime soon.

Ames and Kyle  May 29. 2011

Ames's MTC District

Goofy brothers/companions June 5, 2011

1st companion, Elder Sims & Elder Ettinger in Tucson

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