Monday, June 20, 2011

"What I Like to Call P-Dizzle Day" - Ames

So yet another PDAY in the field, It was good hearing from you all. (Not from kyle yet) ha last week we were on the computer at pretty much the same time so it was almost like we were in a chat room. we got a couple emails back and forth before he left. It was pretty fun haha.
The weather, like mom said is just hot. there isnt much more than that. There is quite a bit of wind in the afternoons though, and thats when we are out walking around, so it makes it seem not so hot. and also growing up in STG made it alot easyer. it really isnt too bad here. like i havent really even sweat that much.
an update on the bike, there is that bike shop in safford that dad pointed out. they had like zero selection there so i went ahead and orderd a new bike :D i figured i want one that will last me the two years as well as when i get home. The Trek series came out with a new 2012 Model of there 3500 bike, so they oredered in two of them so i could see the colors. And they come with disc brakes. none of that standard pressure garbage. Its going to be like 440 if i remember right. I hope thats not a big deal. if you could just make sure there is enough money in my debit account to cover it i dont care where the funds come from. whether mine or yours i dont care. Because according to the mission records our area is an "ALL BIKE" area, So why we have a car right now im not sure. haha. we are expecting them to take it from us any day now. so i need a bike pretty quick.
I was able to meet Dave lunt last monday. we went out to the institute to play some pool and ping pong. just so happened that he was there tuning some pianos. ha. he is a super legit guy. i didnt have my camera with me so i didnt get a photo but he said that we could come over to his house anytime and visit. He has a super low voice. :D
The Missionary work is going great. I love seeing the little miracles everyday. I dont know if i mentioned the Campbell family last time, but there two boys had there baptismal interveiws last night, and both passed :D  both of the boys are trying to finish the BOM by there baptizm. which right now is set for the 2nd of july, 
I totaly understand now how the missionaries can get attached to the people they are teaching. the campbell family is so freaking cool. My comp and i split up on sundays with the ward missionaries so we can cover both of our wards. so i got to sit with the campbell family and i got to help keep kaitlyn, age 2, quiet during the meeting. ha she is so cute. A guy behind us gave her his ipad to settle her down and she freaking loved it. I was tempted to play some games with her haha (not really) By the way, how is that ipod treating you dad? Addicted yet?
I heard perrys date of leave got delayed, i dont know if you heard or not, something about not having enough trainers in the field or something? anyways he doesnt leave till october 7th. kind of sucks. i will have been out almost 5 months by then :D
Thanks for The post cards and letters. It is fun to get mail from everyone. My comp showed me this really cool way of organizing all the letters and keeping them safe through the mission. Apparently alot of missionaries dont save their letters. i thought that was pretty dumb. Im going to keep every scrap of paper people send me :D
Sounds like everyone is doing good. and so am i. Loving the work out here. Did i mention how awesome the members are? this last week a lady pulled over on the street as we were walking and handed us 10 bucks to go buy some lunch haha i asked elder sims if that happens alot. he said he has had a total of 60 bucks handed to him on his mission so far. cant wait to rack in the dough.
Love you all, Stay sweet,
    ~Elder Ettinger~

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