Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Week in Gila Valley

Thanks for all of your emails and letters this week . I dont remember if i said this or not already but as I go throughout the week i write in a little note book all the things i want to include in my next email. so Today im just going to list them all off after i address some of your questions.
I Bought a bike. (See Photo) its pretty sick.  super legit bike for a legit price :D
The fire in Sierra Vista relocated a couple elders. One of which was in the MTC with me. I got to see him last Wednesday at a zone conference. ha he said it was pretty scary seeing all the fire so close to them.
As for me, the fires arnt close to us at all. the horizons are a little smoky but thats it. no problems here.
Our money that we use for food and stuff is on a "blue card" which is basically a debit card. it gets reloaded at the first of the month with 120 bucks. so far i havent had any need for more than that. because most of our dinners are covered by members so we just buy eggs and milk and some lunch stuff. pretty sweet.
This last week we got to help tear out a roof! it was tons of fun but super super dirty as you can see by the photos haha. Also we poured a porch slab for the campbells last week that i forgot to tell you about. Obviously that was way fun too. clyde wouldnt have been very happy with the job though. they werent very good at finishing it, but they are happy with it so thats all that matters.
I decided on my Scripture for my Plaque! finaly. D&C 43:15, just found it this morning. sorry it took so long.
I gave a talk in church yesterday. that was pretty fun. it was easy. it was on the importance of missionary work in the latter days. simple haha. I thought it went ok. lots of people said they liked it when i would talk to people in the halls, but i feel like most were just saying that because you have to tell people they give good talks.
The letter about the dog was not the funnest letter i have read on the mish. Im sad to hear that he bit that girl. im glad that she is ok. I guess my opinion on the matter would be to try and get him on a farm or a ranch. It would be sad to see him rot away in a shelter, so do what you can to not send him there i guess. and let me know what you end up doing. i trust that you will make a good decision. I would ask though that if you do end up sending him to the pound to please just lie to me and tell me that he is going somewhere else where he will have fun :P
The area is still pretty slow, although it feels like its about to go hot. so we are just working hard from day to day trying to talk to who we can about the church. Both Elder sims and i are working on being more bold when we contact. saying things like "This is the only true church" "The church will only bless your life" (deletion by editor). ha typing that reminded me of a instance that happened lst week. We were walking down the street and this guy was welding on a trailer and we asked him how he was doing and if we could help him, he replies "If your going to start preaching to me you can leave!" ha he was so pissed it was awesome.
We dropped an investigator last week. she told us that she didnt intended on being baptized ever. and didnt want to give us false hope or waste our time. We thought she was doing so good too. :/
Elder sims and i are going to be putting on a youth fireside on the 17th its gonna be so sick. we are uninviting all the leaders :D and telling the youth to not show up in shirts and ties. heck we arnt even wearing our church clothes. its gonna be sick! ill let you know how it goes after the fact.
Thats pretty much all i got for this week. Check out the attached photos. Love you all.
Elder Ettinger
ps. There was a black bear spotted last week in some Cotton Fields. i didnt even know there were bears in the freakin desert :D
Dirty Companions
Filthy legs

The sick new bike

Pres. Lunt with Ames.
Pres. Lunt is a counselor in Ames's mission presidency and
was Locke's  choir teacher in high school:)

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