Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Letter - Kyle

Hello Everyone!,
This week has been pretty much te same as the weeks in the past, some really slow missionary work, and not alot really going on.
We were out and about seeing the less actives around our area, we ended up finding a "lost" member, who hadn't been to church for the longest time. We ended up teaching her, and her sister, and their five little kids last saturday! it was the coolest and most fun ever! It was really hard to teach the children because they're only 5 years old and younger, so we just put in the finding faith in christ video and they watched a few minutes of it and ran off and went to play like all little kids do. But, it was cool because they're mothers, tara and krystal, enjoyed asking us questions they had, and us explaining some things to them about the church. We asked them if they wanted to come to church the next day. They said they wanted to, but, to take it like an hour at a time. Start with primary for the kids and build up from there. Sadly they didn't come to church yesterday.
BUT!! we did talk to this one less active on wednesday, he said he didn't want to come to church alone, without his non-member wife and little son. So we told him he should be strong and set the example for his family and come to church. Guess who came to church yesterday?? Dan brown, (thats his name), his wife and son! all three came to church! and he also is going to feed us dinner tonght! and hopefully we can start teaching them the lessons. So we're pretty excited about that.
The reason that my email is a little later in the day today, is because for P-day today we went up to big bear and went on a sweet hike! to castle rock. It has a way way awesome view of the lake. I forgot to take my camera, but my companion got a picture of us up there. so we'l get something printed sometime and i'll send some pictures home.
Our dog buddy, that poor little guy, like ames said, i wasn't really happy to recieve that letter about the accident back at home. i'm really glad that the girl wasn't seriously injured and that she recovered well! I think that buddy would have alot more fun out on a farm or a ranch of some kind. With lots and lots of room to run around. So i Think you should try and do your best at having him end up there. Buddy was such a fun dog, i wanna try and visit him if he stays in town somewhere with his new family. Can you please send me a picture of that ol' pup? i wanna have somethin to remember him.
Sounds like the lot up at kolob is coming along. Good work mom and dad, Sorry the tough amazing crew isn't there. Just a few more months ha ;) Keep up the good work everyone!
This week didn't really have anything super fun to report. I hope some more fun things happen this next week when i write, however, since its 4th of july, i'm not sure if we'll be able to email that day... So it may be a couple days late. just a heads up on that.
I love everyone so very much! thanks for all of the love and support you give me! i pray for everyone every night! My family is the best ever! Remember to let people know that i love recieving mail. And i'm gonna do my very best to write people back. it takes alot of time and stamps. So i'll do the best i can.
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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