Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/13/11 - Kyle

Hello everyone!
So i know its wednesday and not a monday, and everyone is probably thinking i'm dead in applevalley. BUT! i'm still alive and doing well! The reason we're emailing on wednesday is because we were suppost to have a temple trip today. So last monday was just a regular work day. however, wednesday came around, and the temple trip got cancelled for a few of us. Because no members wanted to take us down the hill to redlands. Oh well, i wasn't to upset about it. Because i know there will be more opportunities to go to the temple over my mission. We get to go just about every three months i believe.
The past few days have been sorta different. Monday was a good day for me. Elder Hargraves (Another elder from a different district in our zone) came on exchanges with me. We got some bike tuning done. and a little tracting and things like that. Today, all the way to friday, we're on exchanges again, because my companion elder bowler and hargraves companion, elder teichert, are going down the hill for some leadership meetings or something. Out of our whole zone of like 15, there are only like 6 elders up here in our zone for the rest of the week ha. So we have to cover my area in the village ward. And elder hargraves area in the sunset hills ward! Pretty intense stuff!
Elder Bowler was pretty sick yesterday, so we just had our usual tuesday district meeting, and then went back to the house so he could rest up and hopefully feel better so he could go down the hill today. So basically we just slept for like 4 hours during the day. Very un-productive. But thats all you can do when your companion is sick and can't go out and work.
I was very happy to see how happy lil' buddy was at jim's house in oatman! and i'm glad he got there safe! Like ames said, we'll have to take a road trip sometime and go see him.
Question: dad, elder hargraves has an aunt that lives in st george and works for IHC in the hospital for like pre-mature babies i think. Her name is, Barbra Crossley? Just curious to see if you know her. Since dad knows everyone in the world.
I'm excited to get some more pictures and things! Mail is the greatest. However, send our mail to the office, just in case i get transfered to a new area. Transfer calls are this SATURDAY! everyone in our zone wants to stay at least one more transfer. I agree with them. I have a good feeling about our second transfer in the village ward. Now that we have things under control.
THanks for everyones love and support! like i say everytime, seems like everyone is having  fun back there at home. And randomly dad is going all over the country! ha
Love you all, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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