Friday, July 8, 2011

Ames email - 7/5/11

So this last week was good. Kinda slow. sounds about the same as kyles. But the work is still progressing. The other day we were walking down the street and i found a really dirty burned cd, like someone had copied a cd. so we took it home that night and cleaned it up and threw it in the car stereo the next day, i was a little nervous as to what i was about to hear... guess what it was... Phantom of the Opera!!! i know right! the cd is scratched up quite a bit so it skips a ton, but we listened to what we could, ha it was so hilarious. Thanks for your package. im assuming im going to get it tomorrow? we couldnt email yesterday because the library was closed. so yea :D im emailing today. anywho, there is a guy in one of my wards that went to england on his mission back in the day. he went to the birmingham mission? i think thats what it is called. it is the same one that swallowed the coventry and the same on that marcus steed is in right now. so that was fun to chat with him about. he reminded me of "Guy Fox Day" ha which was pretty funny. it was at this same members house where we got our hair cuts on saturday. i now have two bald spots =/ she slipped with the clippers and well yea. you get what i mean. haha the worst part was that she didnt even say anything. it wasnt till later in the day when elder sims noticed it! ha i was so bitter. ha another funny story: we were teaching the campbell boys about the attonment and stuff and during the closing prayer, nick blessed that the "satanic forces wouldnt come upon these two young missionaries"..... O_O HE IS 12!!!  why is he talking like that. haha. he loves showing off his big vocabulary. so its pretty funny when he uses words wrong. like once he substituted PSI with Compressed air example :" The air comes in here and becomes PSI" i just laughed. So on a not as happy note with the campbells, brother campbell decided that we were going over there too much and we weren't letting him have enough time with the boys... so we are now limited to seeing them once a week... it wasnt a fun phone call on a pday. We are going over this afternoon to give devin a blessing before he goes into surgury this week. and i have a feeling that it is going to be a pretty powerful blessing. so im excited. They are still set to be baptized at the end of the month. we are going to keep trying our hardest with them though. Moving on though, you always hear about missionaries sacrificing things to go on missions and all the hardships they have to endure while on there missions. ever since getting here in the gila valley i havent slept with a blanket. because i forget to buy one every week. so i just sleep with a sheet :D stupid right hahaha. i went to buy one yesterday but i didnt think that the 25bucks was worth it at walmart lol so im still blanketless. i'll probibly  get one when it gets colder at night. other than that, everything is pretty much the same. Thanks for all the love and letters. i'll be looking for that package in the mail. have a good week :D
Love Elder Ettinger
ps. Dad do what you want with the old xbox i dont care.
pps for those of you that know what Inception is, my comp went to level two yesterday ha, he woke up and was like 'I just had a dream inside a dream!'' it was awesome! we talk about our dreams every morning, tons of fun!
ppps the first 11 testimonies in sacrament meeing on sunday were under the age of 12, pretty legit.
pppps i found out the reason why we wear white shirts... you cant see the sweat. (nast huh)
ppppps i meet the new pres tomorrow. we are having a zone conf. should be pretty fun. the zls had a phone conf. call the other day and said he sounds pretty stressed haha. so tomorrow should be fun :D
pppppps last zone conf. we had a little testimony meeting at the end. i got up and bore my testimony and also thanked pres.lunt (who was there) for having a good influence on my dad because without that i wouldnt have been standing there that day. i was inspired to mention it so im glad that he appriciated it

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