Friday, July 8, 2011

Kyle's email - 7/5/11

Hello everyone,
This past week has been pretty interesting, its been one of the more tough and even slower weeks than what we've had in the past, which is hard to say, because the slow work here is like dead slow, i didn't think it could get any worse, but this past week just dragged on forever and no real work got done. We Got in with a less-active lday who was from england, i thought it was funny that ames talked to some dude that went to england, twins are awesome. Anyways, we ended up staying there for like an hour and a half just having a good BRT session. (Build relationship trust) and not really rushing right in about the gospel and what not ya know? We haven't gone back to her house since then, but we are probably going to head back over there and talk sometime this week. We think that she's going to a whole new church, so it may be tough getting her to come back. Sadly thats really the only happy good news to report as far as the mission work goes.
Yesterday being the 4th of july, most of the day it didn't even feel like a holiday, apperently most of the holidays feel like a regular day out here on a mission. And i totally understand why because even on holidays we go out and proselyte. However, here in apple valley no one ever answers there door if they are home, and most people aren't even home to begin with around the holiday times. The member that we live with, crazy bob, he's even out of town. Lake powell trip for him! ha
Anyways, yesterday was an amazing random miracle! It started out being like 106 degree's when we went on our p-day hike, and like half way through the day, some really thick crazy clouds rolled in, and just dumped a ton of rain down on apple valley! for like an hour it was just constant hard rain, we're talking the highest speed setting on the windshield wipers! thats how hard it was! I was like blown away! and so stoked for it to be raining during the hot summer!
Dad, i finally got on my bike this week, not anything super impressive, but elder bowler and i have been going on morning bike rides for our excercise each morning, today was our second day. We have a sweet little route planned out thats just around neighborhood. With a couple of empty dirt lots with some small jumps included.
I'm really glad to see that buddy will be getting a new home! i'm slightly upset that its not in st george where i could visit him more often. But i'll definately get around to "Boatman" AZ and go see that crazy dog! When is buddy going to be moving there? Also, in my last email i asked for some pictures of buddy? i appreciated the ones in the email. But i was asking if i could by chance have some prints made that i can put on my desk?? sorry i should've specified in my last letter.
Everything is going pretty well on my mission overall! And i'm still so glad i chose to come out and serve. I feel like we're gonna have a good week this week as we locate more less active families, and part member families.
Thanks for all of the love and support! And keep up the good work with everything back home!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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