Saturday, July 23, 2011

7/18/11 - Kyle

Hello there,
This week has been super great! i have some awesome news! When i was on exchanges with elder Hargraves. We got a referal text from the mission office. And so we wasted no time in going over to the girls house. She seemed super interested in learning about our church and the things that we believe! My first inevstigator in the village ward! WINNER!! ha. I am not being transfered out! staying in the village ward at the same address! just so you guys know.
Elder Bowler however is being transfered out :/ i'm gonna miss elder bowler a bunch! its been so sweet to serve with another elder from st george! He's stepping up in the ranks and becoming a zone leader! He's really excited about that new adventure he'll be taking in the mission. He's actually gonna be a zone leader with another elder from st george! he's like elder bowlers best friend. Elder segmiller. Maren probably knows him. I just knew of him.
So tomorrow i get to drive down the hill with a different elder. his name is elder bigs, to san berdoo to pick up my new companion! I'm really stoked for the drive down there. its super pretty and awesome right until you get down into the actual gross smoggy valley. I don't really want to ever serve "down the hill" as it is called here in the county. Because up here in AV the weather and air quality is WAY better than down there.
Sorry if i forget to answer questions. i always seem to forget! my bad!
i still haven't figured out a good awesome powerful scripture to give bishop! i've been thinking of a bunch. but haven't come down to one yet. I'm still workin on it ok?  Maybe i'll have one by the time this email is done.
Alright i chose my scripture! i would like to have...D&C 42: 6-7 You guys can look it up and read it. Its a pretty sweet one!
Sounds like everyone is doing really well!! I'm really glad that i don't have to ride in the car for twelve hours! that would really stink. However, elder bowler and i have driven all over the place in our area! we get 1000 miles each month. And we went over last month, and we'll probably go over that this month to. Lots of driving!
I love you family and friends! Thanks for the support and encouragement!
Have a great week! I'll let you know who my companion is next week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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