Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Transfer in the Gila Valley - Ames 7/19/11

As the subject line states, im staying in the gila for another transfer. Im still with elder sims, the only change is that he stepped up to district leader. ha. so not a whole lot there. We moved appartments last week as well. the new one is alot bigger but it isnt as nice. which is kind of a buzz kill, but its no biggie. we dont have a mail box though at the new place, so just keep sending mail to the old adress, because the zone leaders are staying there now and they will take care of our mail. So sunday night we had a fireside. like elder sims and I came up with the idea and pulled it off. It was a youth fireside and we were surprised at how many youth actualy showed up! Legit! it was on youth missionary work like in highschool and stuff. it was a ton of fun to stand up infront of all the kids and teach them and stuff. You always think that the 20 min talks in church were hard. well. an hour long fireside is so easy to do! pretty sweet. A little update on the campbells. We are now planning on the 30th of july for their bap. and we are pretty sure that it will work out well. we are pretty excited about it. not a whole lot more going on than that. Thanks Maren for making the CD's ill be looking for them. I forgot to tell you that disney music is OK to listen to. and elder sims and i occacionaly sing some of the classics. elder sims alerady has a disney cd, but it is in spanish haha. we still listen to it though. Being transfer week our Pday is on tuesday, and we had to shuttle elders to and from the transfer site all morning, so our pday is pretty much eaten up. not too happy about it. so im going to keep this email a little shorter so we can go play some sports today :D
Love you all.
Talk to you next week!!
Elder Ettinger

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