Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Days Turn Into Weeks - Ames 7/25/11

This week wasnt a whole lot diffrent than last week. The campbell family needed yet another break, we didnt get to see them all week. They are supposed to be baptized this saturday, but if we dont get ahold of sister campbell today we will have to postpone it once again, becasue we need time to schedule the building and make programs and invitations and what not. Sooooo we will see if it actualy happens =/ We have made some good progress with bob though =D we actualy taught him a full lesson and we answered quite a few of his questions. He keeps saying "That makes sence" ha so we are hoping to continue to see some progress out of him. On a compleatly diffrent note, Elder sims' brother just got home from his mission this last week, so we are watching a video his mom sent him of his brother getting off the plane haha pretty crazy stuff! So for the 24th of july, thatcher has a huge celebration put on by the stake. it was way sick. There was a big parade, in which there was a missionary float, i got to be one of the missionaries walking along side the float handing out cards. it was so freaking fun. I roughly estamated that i handeed about 200 cards out. It was way fun because i was trying to spot all of the non members out and make sure they got cards saying things like "Check out this site" or ", Pretty legit" haha it was just awesome. At the end of the parade Route there was a big barbeque where you could buy super cheap food, and games for the kids. ending the night with some local singer where all of his songs were about how he cant get a girlfriend and then fireworkds, which were super lame because its such a small town. but it was still fun. I officialy decided that im going to get my pyrotechnics licence and help out with shows like that. Then last night we went to a members house to have a short message becasue the family likes having us over, so before we left they did some fireworks and ended with some nice illegals =D which they apparently bought from Utah, I guess they have lessened the restrictions there on arial fireworkds? update me on this please. So as far as pday goes, we usualy play alot of basketball, and sometimes we play some dodgeball to warm up for basketball. im still not very good at it, but im getting better. After we are all done playing and are just sitting around talking, i like to shoot half court shots just for some fun, I made 8 last week, and there were two times where two of them were in a row. pretty fun. Also, sometime this next week there is a jump up by my ward mission leaders house that i have been wanting to hit. it is small but it gaps over this little ditch. probably only about a 4 foot gap if that. Ill get some video footage of it for you if it goes down =D
Thats pretty much all for this week. Love you all!

> Elder Ettinger <

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