Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ames is moving!

Good to hear from you all, looks like we all had a pretty slow week ha. this one, like kyles was the slowest of the mission. even elder sims said it was the slowest that he has ever had, but we have some sweet potentials lined up that should be good :D. I got to meet my new Mission pres. he seems like a way fun chill guy ha. there havent been many changes, in fact there have been none. So ill keep you posted on what happens in the coming weeks. glad to hear buddy got to go to oatman. maybe i will have to road trip there on some p day ;) haha. speaking of road trips. we had an 80 mile drive to get to our zone conf. this last week. road trips are so fun! we listened to this conversion story of this catholic guy it was so sick! its called catholic conversion. so try to find it and kyle im sure someone has it out there in apple313. So like i said, slow week this week. the Campbell boys are set for there baptism on the 30th of this month, i hate how it got pushed back so far, but its going to happen, and brother campbell is making some good progress. We also reactivated this family. the dad wants to be ready to baptize his kid in october and then they are going to work towards going to the temple to be sealed. which when that happens if they want to invite me i can go no matter where in the mission i am at :D. so some bad news came to us on thursday... we have to move :( its so lame! to make a long story short, the zone leaders have been wanting our appartment for a long time, becasue it is a two bedroom and theirs is only a one. and when sister cluff called from the mission office saying that a set of missionaries needed to move out of the cota appartments they basicly told her that we needed to go and that they should move into ours... so now instead of moving one set they are moving two. so lame. im pretty not happy about it. our new appt is pretty junkie. at least form the outside. we drove by it the other day... idk. we will see. we dont spend any time there anyways ha so it doesnt matter. So if mom you could be so kind as to tell everyone to just send letters and what not to the mission home, until i have a new address that would be much appreciated. in other news: Iv been riding my bike more. it is so sick. elder sims and i went mountainbiking this morning just in this washy area, the trail sucked but we climbed to the top of this plateau and took some cool pictures. not much more than that going on im sad to say. Im hoping next week will be a better one. :D
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger
ps Dad, i dont work on the campus at all, that is all the zl's do, so if we find anyone that is classified as a young single adult. they get to teach them. even if they arent going to the school :(

The sunsets are pretty amazing here.
The Gila Valley Temple
The reflection is from the hood of the car - pretty artistic eh?
A big fire is burning in our area.
This is our area from a atop the plateau we rode our bikes up.

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