Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kyle 7/25/11

Hello everyone,
So i'm also staying in the village ward as i told everyone last week, i went down the hill to pick up my new companion, his name is elder Riley, he's a pretty cool kid, he's from knoxville, tenessee. We get along pretty well i guess you could say, but, we don't have a whole lot of things in common compared to elder bowler and myself.
This past week wasn't super successful as far as missionary work goes, To answer a couple questions, our investigator kayla, we have our second lesson with her this up coming thrusday and i'm really excited about it! we're gonna teach the plan or salvation! and its gonna be legit! i drew out my own picture flash card things for each step of the plan. I think it should go pretty well.
During the week, i think last wednesday, i got into my first Bash with a lady at the door as we were tracting.  . . .  It was a good learning experience.
Most of the rest of the week was slow tracting and trying to visit less actives like usual, on the 23 of july we had a stake pioneer day thing at one of our church buildings, i made my own homemade rope!! pretty sweet i know!, we also had games and music and things. Elder riley and myself were in charge of helping the kids make their ropes. it was some good fun
I think our p-day activity today is volleyball, but i havn't heard anything from the zone leaders recently, so i dunno if it'll even go through. I want to do more hikes compared to sports. When lame sports are being played at the church gym, i often times go find the relief society room and play piano for the time that we're there. Its more fun for me.
Thanks for showing pictures of the yard and mom's huge garden that is growing and growing quite fast!! Thats always cool to see.
i got a post card from wisconsin i think it was, but i only got one, so i'm not sure if you sent another one. Mail always gets messed up during transfers. But its back to normal now.
The day of transfers, with my new companion elder Riley, i totally blew through a stop sign while driving on accident and it was super scary! The next day, i turned on a blind corner, and the car coming towards me had to swerve out of the way and totally slid off the road and started cussing me out BIG time!! Both little events about made me pee my pants! but dont worry i'm safe!!
I love you all so much! thanks for the support you give me! Life goes on here in applevalley!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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