Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God Speed Ames 8/16/11

I love using the phrase "God Speed" whenever i can ha, its just so cool. This last week was a real winner, and i will tell you why (Duh). The Campbells have set a date! pretty freaking stoked! There were a couple families focusing on them through this miracle lesson that we have been doing, and brother campbell has changed so much in the last two weeks. The baptism will be on the 27th, so its still a couple weeks away, but we are still going over there, and we are going to keep making it solid, they are already inviting people, so that is making it a little bit better as well, there are going to be so many people there. its nuts! Also this week, we got to do some service building an awning. it was so fun! im glad that mom and dad made us kids work hard growing up becasue now its all just fun and like no work. We were also doing some drywalling at another members house, and i was wiring up some kitchen outlets, three of them were cold (Not connected to power) but then i had to hook them up to the power that came out of the ground, and their house is old so it doesnt have a breaker for all of the house. so i was hooking up the hot lines to power these outlets i just put in, and i got electrocuted! haha it was freaking cool. and it didnt even hurt! i was kinda surprised! So yesterday when we were over there again, i wanted elder sims to touch it so he could see what its like, but he wouldnt do it. So Brother flake got some spare wire and jammed it in the outlet and then took the other ends and zapped elder sims when he was up on a ladder. haha. it was funny. Naturally though he had to come in the other room and get me too. which then tripped the breaker. but when he got back from out side we told him that he had to do it too, so i got to shock him. Super funny. Dont we all just love missionary work?
Thats pretty much all thats going on. Im emailing on tuesday because today is our Temple day! im so excited! its been too long! like over two months since i have gone!
Anywho. Pretty Short today, Transfers are coming up on the 30th, man this one just flew! Im hoping that i stay in the Gila also with elder sims, we have become pretty tight, but he is more than likly going spanish. so we will see.
Love you all!
> Elder Ettinger <

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